Fund Request Guidelines & Instructions


BFAN tries to approve as many fund requests as possible within the constraints of annual fundraising, and that meet the objectives of the BFAN’s charter of supporting programs that enhance students’ experiences at BHS. Because we have finite financial resources, we examine each request carefully and objectively to ensure the money we grant is used in the best possible way and/or to benefit the most possible students. In some cases, BFAN may refer your request to the BHS Success Fund board for consideration, especially requests for facilities improvement involving major sports equipment or building enhancements.

Funding Guidelines

As you make the decision to apply for funding from BFAN, please keep in mind the following guidelines that are weighed in making a funding decision: 

  • Need: Existing school funding must be unavailable or insufficient. Activities and/or items which are normally funded from the school budget will not be considered. Stipends, tuition, and attendance costs for teachers/staff are not eligible for consideration.
  • Fund Limits: $1,000/year per group; exceptions to this limit will be reviewed by the Executive Board on a case-by-case basis.
  • The deadline to submit fund requests is the last day of the month.

Fund Request Process

If you are an OSAA-recognized / school-sponsored team, complete this form.  It will be automatically forwarded to the BHS Athletic Director and the Principal who will evaluate whether there are other possible sources of funds from the high school budget and/or school district budget.

If you are a club athletic team (non-BHS sponsored), or another organization, complete this form (no AD or Principal signatures required).  

The BFAN Executive Board will review each request following the above guidelines. The request will then be presented for a vote at the next BFAN meeting.

A representative from your group must be present at the BFAN meeting.  We will notify you of the date your fund request will be considered.

Receipts must be provided for reimbursement. Internet documentation, purchase orders or other documentation is required to receive funding.