Grad Night Party


The Grad Night Party is an all-night celebration for graduating BHS seniors; an alcohol & drug-free party with food, music, entertainment and prizes; the place where our kids get to “be kids” for one last night together; a chance for parents to volunteer for the ultimate “field trip." The location is a secret, with graduates bused after the graduation ceremony, and returned to BHS at dawn the next morning. Find out more about the current year's plans at the Grad Night Party website.

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Senior Reception

 Every spring for more than half a century, BFAN hosts a Senior Reception for graduating seniors, their families and school staff. This tradition is a casual event, a chance to hang out with  friends and parents, while welcoming the newest members into the Beaver Alumni. Seniors can add  their name to an autograph book containing signatures of nearly 40 years of Beaverton High School graduates. 

Don't miss this event on May 29, 2019!